My journey in the hospitality industry began about nine (9) years ago. As I left Secondary School, I started pursuing Food and Beverage Supervision as well as Culinary Management at the Trinidad &Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute.

    In my first year of TTHTI (2007) I was so engrossed and enthusiastic about the field I would’ve done almost anything to gain knowledge and experience. In 2008 I started competing in bartending competitions at TTHTI. This led up to me achieving TTHTI bartender of the year 2010. This was a boost to my career which gave me the drive to go further. By 2013 I’ve had the privilege to participate in over seven (7) competitions that aided me in achieving ‘Bartender of the Year 2013’ at The National Food and Beverage Competition. At this competition I achieved the gold medal as well as ‘best vodka cocktail’, ‘best classical cocktail’ and ultimately being a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Culinary Team.

    clintonIn 2014 my brother and I ventured into starting a company ‘Verve Creations Ltd’ providing professional bar services and fruit décor for events. We provide portable bars that can be used in any venue, it is easily maneuvered and contributes aesthetically to the environment.

    As an entrepreneur, it was quite challenging in the beginning. It is a never ending lesson as I continue to learn about business and management by engaging in activities on a day to day basis.

    As I continued competing throughout the years, by 2015 I have competed in over 14 competitions. After a grueling local competition in 2016 entitled ‘MAKING THE CUTT’ I was awarded ‘T&T National Bartender of the Year 2016’ which enabled me to represent Trinidad & Tobago in Taste of The Caribbean 2016 in Miami.