• About Me


    My name is Neal Ramdhan and I am 24 years of age. I have completed a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting at the University of the West Indies. I am aiming for a bright and successful future. Therefore, I have decided to develop my critical thinking skills and ability to perform at a high standard in the working environment, along with further education and work experience.

    However, at the age of 18 I got into the food and beverage industry simply as a waiter for the sole purpose of income to support myself and my school expenses. I swiftly grew and evolved as a bartender and was placed behind the bar where I always had the passion and drive to be. Whereby, I was granted an opportunity to not only interact with amazing people but to also to serve my personal concoction of cocktails. Nothing makes me feel more delightful than to serve a cocktail and have my guest compliment me on my delivery and savor of my drink. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself by entering various competitions to determine whether I was capable of competing amongst Trinidad’s top bartenders. After many years of drilling and hectic nights behind bars I eventually was fortunate enough to capture two mixology titles. One of which is the Marie Brizard cocktail challenge 2014 and was selected to represent Trinidad and Tobago in Bordeaux France of that same year. Also the 2015 Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge where I was featured in the finals of the Angostura GCC 2016 standing proudly to represent Trinidad and Tobago once again. Competing against 12 of the top bartenders from across the world battling with a Freestyle cocktail, which had to feature Angostura Orange Bitters, and a Rum cocktail, created using one or more of Angostura’s rums, plus the brand’s iconic aromatic bitters, there I became the victor winning the definitive prize of a two year contract as an Angostura Global Brand Ambassador.

    Ultimately, I partnered with my older brother Clinton Ramdhan, and established our own company entitled ‘Verve Creations Ltd’ whereby we supply various styles and flavours of craft cocktail bar services. Every day we strive to raise the level of bar within our region by creating a new and unique experience each and every time. I was always considered a self-motivated and dedicated individual whom will adjust and accomplish any assigned task. Charismatic, unique, easily approachable and very enthusiastic towards innovation and creativity. In my short but fruitful years within the industry a very close compatriot once told me that “There is no limit to creativity, therefore I have grown and progress with these words and hope that I will continue to bring more to not only my friends and family but to the persons who enjoy and have a passion for the craft of mixology.

    Yours Respectfully,